Why Coating


Auxton is the latest coating technology to produce glass-hard surface coating film.Its durability and high production capability overwhilmingly exceed the trandtional products such as wax , polymers and paint-sealants.


Auxton Coating provide a strong adherence, hard bright and shine layer on the
paint surface. This layer protect environments affect (such as acid rain, UV light,
bird droppings) direct damage to the paint.

Auxton initiates a chemical reaction when it goes through the painted surface and then the glass coating becomes hard.Fine grained materials is tighly packed which becomes hard and long lasting.

Wax only an oil base layer and it not long lasting.

Paint Pretection CategoryAuxton CoatingSynthetic Wax
OriginJapanUSA / GERMANY
MaterialHard LayerOil Base Layer
Durability36 months3-4 months
Decrease Percentage Of Scratch*******
Chemical Resistance*******
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